Forbidden Planet (1956) [review]

This is an absolute classic that deserve all the praise that it receives. This is a pure pleasure to watch as we jump straight into action of a team not far from landing on a planet, a planet which they have been sent to recover those who landed there many years before. We are introduced to a team of men who find themselves questioning the motives of the last of the scientists, Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) who has spent his time researching the planet and its history. But, in his brilliance he is a man who is not humble and at times standoffish.

We; the audience try to understand, along with Commander Adams’ (Leslie Nielson) team, what it is that keeps Morbius on the planet, along with his daughter who was born on the there, knowing nothing of what it is to live on Earth… at least not from firsthand experience. We see the conflict between those there to help and the Morbius family. As the film progresses we see a deeper meaning to what it is to be human and our unconscious. How enlightened we are… and in parts that we’re not as knowledgeable as we would like to think of ourselves. Some may think that this is taking the film too seriously, but if we can be entertained while thinking about a subject. We can enjoy and appreciate the subject matter in ways we may not have previously considered the themes and theories it brings up, which is something I very much liked about this film.

I could be said that you can tell which generation a person is, by how they think of Leslie Nielson, which genre they associate him with. From those who will think of him as a drama actor and those who will consider him a comedy actor. But before he became known for being in comedies, he was a fine drama actor, showing his talent very nicely in this film, he portrays the character with warmth; while remaining a man who can keep his men in place without having to be hard on them.

Of course this may look dated in its visuals, but there is a beauty to the look of this film, in the look and functions of the technology to the colours of what we see on screen.

This is a great way to spend an hour and forty minutes if you ever have the chance to sit down and watch this.


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