Weekend at Bernie’s II (1993) [review]

Although this is enjoyable, it is sadly falls into the category that so many films have, in that it’s a sequel that is sadly not as good as the original. Written by Robert Klane who wrote the original and this time directing, there is a different feel to the film and the characters. It almost feels as if the makers of this film were aiming for a younger audience, of course this is no new idea when it comes to films. The more people who can see a film, the more money to be made, but sadly this film suffer from doing so.

Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy) and Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman) seem simpler, stupider than they did in the original film. Almost as if their lack of intelligence this time around would help them end up in situations a smarter character would not.

Following on from the original film I’m not entirely sure how long after the first film this is set, but it feels like a few days later. Maybe I’m considering and over thinking the time period between this and the previous film, how it would make the opening scene of this be possible… and therefore the entire film we have here. I do not mean to say that this is a bad film, it is entertaining and fun, but there is something missing. The atmosphere is not in the same vein as the original, maybe if Ted Kotcheff had returned to direct this sequel, this would be a film which was aimed at an older audience and therefore more entertaining.

Here we have two more character that are also in need of Bernie’s (Terry Kiser) Body. Charles (Tom Wright) and Henry (Steve James) finding themselves involved with Voodoo, which is how we find Bernie no longer needing the aid of Larry and Richard to get him around. Which leads to Bernie ending up in situations by himself that almost hit the mark, but sadly not quite. We are also treated to Richard and Larry’s employers needing to find out what happened to the money from the first film, believing that the two were involved with the money going missing. So, once again, we have multiple characters wanting and needing to get their hands on Bernie and some looking as if they’re involved with situations that they wish they weren’t.

Although this film is enjoyable and entertaining, the idea is one which does not stretch into a second film. Simply, it is a one film idea, but there are moments which are worth your time. So, if you get your hands on the film which does not cost you too much or… you find it on TV one night, check it out, but do not expect to be as entertained as you were with the first film.


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