Escape from L.A. (1996) [review]

While this does have the usual sequel problems; there are so few, to the point where we have a film which is almost as enjoyable as the original. There are many of the original behind the camera crew returning, which helps a great deal. John Carpenter returning to direct and co-write the film, Debra Hill producing and this time co-writing with Carpenter and Kurt Russell… Hill and Russell taking over the co-writing duties from Nick Castle who co-wrote the original with Carpenter. Which of course does give this a different feel than the first… but then again, there are also many years between this and the original and everybody is, obviously older and thinking a little differently.

This does talk about those situations which need to be talked about, from Hollywood itself to those in power of the country to many other subjects. At least the parts of those subjects which need to be considered and brought out into the light. Like the first film this is set many years after it was released, coming out in 1996, this film is set in 2013. As we are post 2013, it is interesting to see what the filmmakers thought the world would become.

We may not have become a place which looks as the world physically does in this film, but I’m sure this film predicted what the world would become in intelligence and depth of who we are in our current state.

Like the original film this is a joy to watch, entertaining us with all that is on offer. The main fault with this film is the 1990s CGI which was in its early years and not perfect, therefore it  is very noticeable in ways which can be mildly distracting. This is less practical in its effects than the first film and the glossy CGI reduces some of the charm of what we have here. But we can only put that down to the decade which did not have the best version of the technology in that visual department… at least when it came to this film.

This does have a brilliant cast that is full of well known actors and actresses, some giving great performances. While enjoying  this film, there is the fact that there is at least one scene that seems a little out of place; which gets the reaction from Map to the Stars Eddie (Steve Buscemi) it deserves, a scene which features Snake and Pipeline (Peter Fonda). There is no such thing as a perfect film, and I’m not sure if there should be. This is a sequel which is enjoyable, but lacks a little of what made the original great… but saying that, this is still worth your time. Any flaws are small and do not take away too much from what is still generally a brilliant and enjoyable film.


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