“Police Academy 8” still possible?

It’s been a while since any mention of a “Police Academy” 8, which at this point may be a good sign; the first mention of possibility of this sequel being made was way back in 2003. Back then, I was happy to see another film in the series, as I was hoping that it would bring back what we liked about the first film. Like most film series, this one went downhill, it became more child friendly, even dropping the sequel numbers in the hope that people wouldn’t care that it was a sequel and would jump in at that point.

Some may say that  at this point we may have lost too many of the original cast members to make a new film work, the characters were so much of what made the situations so watchable. Although, there were a couple of characters from the early sequels who could make a new film somewhat decent. For me, Zed (Bobcat Goldthwait) being one of the most enjoyable characters to come from those films which followed the original. Maybe if the makers of a new film were the original writers and director, we would have something which we’d enjoy. That something being something which was lost in the later sequels, for me, “Police Academy” 5-7 were never as enjoyable.


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