Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985) [review]

Although the “Police Academy” sequels have never had the greatest of reputations, some of them are actually entertaining, this being one of the better entries in the series. Not sticking to the academy, but, as the title says, they’re out in the real world taking on an assignment. Even if they are still a bumbling gang barely out of the training, who, even when trying their best find ways of messing up.

There are a few missing characters from the first film, who probably went onto find their careers in a better police station… if you go as far as thinking where characters in a story like this could or would be. There is no grand master plan when it comes to the story, there is a story of a kind, but it’s not the greatest as we find the characters in situations which are rarely in their favour, finding themselves in the company of people who are willing to screw people over to get where they want to be. The intelligence of the older, apparently wiser characters is in question as they never seem to consider the possibilities of the actions of the new officers out of the academy.

Like the first film, this is fun and doesn’t take itself seriously, merely wanting to entertain you for approximately an hour and twenty minutes. The length may be a blessing if you find yourself not enjoying the film, but I have always enjoyed this and the misfortunes of those involved in the story.

Also, like the original film, we have moved on in our thinking and reference of the times in which this was made. Some of the jokes are a little predictable, but you will laugh, chuckle or smile. This is not a film which you need to think too much about what is going on, you will enjoy, and you may even notice the odd references to other films of the times in which this was released. Maybe showing how much you know about cinema, but if you do not get the reference, you will still find the jokes funny.

If you go with the flow and do not over think anything, you will find yourself in a cheerful mood for seeing this film. This is a sequel which you can enjoy without having seen the original, as there are no major story links connecting the two films. This really is a comedy which you can sit back and relax with.


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