Police Academy 3: Back in Training (1986) [review]

The jokes in this may not be the greatest you’ve ever come upon, they’re predictable, you’ve come upon them before, but the delivery here is what makes them enjoyable.

As the title of this film sagest, the gang are back at the academy, but this time, those who were the new cadets in the first film, are now part of the team training the current cadets. But this time the academy we loved from the original film is under threat from being closed down due to lack of money… at least when it comes to having two academies.

That’s where the fun lies in this film, seeing how the two academies try to outdo each other and therefore we witness who can outshine the other. Adding to the characters from the first film, some return from the second film and we get the chance to see them be their usual selves, which are the kind of people you would never want to find in the police force… we hope. There are a couple of characters from the first film who are missing, but they are replaced by those new…er character from part two, which is just enough change to not go too far from what we liked in the original.

We know where the film is going to end up and therefore we enjoy the ride rather than the destination. This is an upbeat comedy where there is no one we want to see harmed in any major way, maybe a little battered and bruise and humiliated to a point, but this is not a film we want blood, gore or death.

Although this is of course is not as good as the first film, it is entertaining, we laugh, we giggle and smile, enjoy moments we see certain characters get what we feel they deserve. This is a nice, safe comedy which is a ride we watch for approximately an hour and twenty minutes. Like part two, this is a shorter film than the original, getting to the fun and jokes quicker.

The story may not be the strongest part of what we have here, and we don’t really care that this is the case…  if that is something that bothers you, this is not for you. This is a film which is merely to make you feel good while not having to think too much about what is going on.


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