Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989) [review]

It gets to a point in a long running film series when you think the filmmakers should have stopped making any more sequels with the previous film. This tries to be a little smarter than the previous films, in that we’re given a case witch we’re offered the chances to guess who the main villain could be, but it is so obvious who it is, you wonder why they even bothered in the first place.

In trying to be something more than the previous sequels, this feels as if the writers were trying to prove that they could come up with a storyline which had a little more substance than the previous entries in the franchise. While it is great to see that they were going for something a little different, the characters suffer in that they feel out of place.

Although, saying that, this is at least is a semi enjoyable film, there are jokes which will make you smile and probably groan at the half heartedness of either the jokes or the delivery. There’s a feeling that writer was trying to keep the series going, rather than wanting to make something enjoyable for the audience.

Like the previous films, you know where this is going to end up and there is some enjoyment in the journey… more for all the mistakes and bumbling the characters you have seen go through it all before than where they find themselves here. You want to see them and the relationship they have with each other, as you see those who they are fed up with and they’re stuck with who they can’t seem to escape… no matter what they do. Which of course it what we like about these films; the relationships that seem to work, even when they shouldn’t, the people who find them in a work place which you would never be able to find in if this was a more serious kind of film… or real life.

There is a handful of blink and you’ll miss them characters and jokes which references previous films in the series, maybe the writers thought we would remember these little in jokes and they didn’t need to have them thrown in our faces in some fashion of laying it on thick.

You will enjoy this film, but the series was beginning to feel tired. Like the previous films in the series you really don’t have to think too much about what is going on, just enjoy the ride for what it’s worth.


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