Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (1994) [review]

As somebody who is a fan of this series, I wish I could be positive about this sequel, but there is very little that redeems this… if anything at all.

The makers of this film decided to drop the 7 from the title and I imagine that they were aiming for the newcomers to the “Police Academy” series when they decided to do this. It’s as if they presumed that nobody cared what happened in the previous six films, didn’t care for those who were fans of the franchise already. This also feels like they were purely aiming at the younger audience of the 1990s who didn’t know are care about series previous to this sequel. It also feels like the director and producers were presuming that those watching were not that smart. Not to say that the series was ever trying to be intelligent, but this film felt like it was trying to be dumb.

This is so medico that it is hard to call it a bad film, the jokes are so obvious, so half hearted that you don’t even smile at them, I’m not sure they’re even groan worthy. The characters returning from the previous films of the series feel so watered down that they’re barely the people we knew. The new characters… well everybody on screen is so bland you don’t even care… you may even wonder why any of cast signed on to make this film. Maybe the bills needed to be paid and there were no other film or TV offers.

Like many of the sequels, this is a short film at approximately an hour and twenty minutes, which when comes to this film is a plus… we don’t have to sit through more of whatever you want to call this. I mentioned in my thoughts for part six that they could have maybe stopped making the series after part five came out. They really should have stopped after part six.

The only reason you will remember this film, is for the fact you will regret watching it, as it is purely trading on our affection for the other films in the series. It is sad to say that this was the last time some of the actors would play their parts. Part of me wishes they’d made part eight with the original cast before we lost some of them. It would have been great seeing those characters finish on a high, rather than see them finish like this.

If you are like me, you will probably watch this as you like to watch the entire series once you’ve started. If you are not like me, stop watching the series after part six, as, at least that film had its good moments and a few laughs. Plus those original characters who returned for that film were still, at least partly how I’d like to remember them.


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