“Heathers” the TV series

Sometimes you come a little late to the party, and sometimes you feel relieved by the fact you have, and this is one of those occasions, as the original film is a classic which is perfect as a standalone. Back in 1988 we had the unforgettable film “Heathers”, something which I never thought I’d ever see remade or… as we have now, turned into a TV series.

But saying that, I’m curious to see what they have done with the idea and characters. So, I will be reserving my judgement until I get the chance to see the quality of the program; I hope that it is at least half as good as the film. I do not expect it will on the same level as that we’ve come to know so well over the decades.

I’ve been proven wrong when it comes to certain remakes or bringing something back as a TV series.  So I won’t presume to know what we have here, I’ll cautiously wait and see what Jason A. Micallef has created with this new series, we can at least give Micallef and everybody else involved in the series a chance, maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t.


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