Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991) [review]

This is just as entertaining as the first film, but if you’re looking for another time travel film, this is not for you, and maybe that it one of the positives about this film, it didn’t repeat the previous film. It takes the next step in the character’s adventure.

This time around we find Bill and Ted in heaven and hell as well as on Earth, all due to a villain from the future, this time there are people who actually want to see the pair fail… and will go as far as trying to kill the duo. But of course this is all done with the fun tone which we saw in the previous film. This is, as is commented upon early in the film, the second junction in the characters lives of where they must find themselves and what they must become in the future.

This is a film which could be considered a teen film, but it is one which never seems to lose its appeal the older it or we become.

The character of the Grim Reaper is one which is brilliantly done and you can’t help but like him. His attitude towards Bill and Ted is one which is understandable and funny and fits in nicely with the two main characters. If you come to this with a serious eye, you will not enjoy, it really is a film you will enjoy for its light heartedness should never be taken seriously. It does not care if you like it, nor does it care to be intelligent.

There has been talk of a third film for many years, which, at the moment I’m not sure I’d actually like to see, as the wanting may be a better feeling than the actual film we receive. If we do get another film, I hope that the makers can give us something as an enjoyable and likable as this and the previous film and then leave the franchise as a trilogy.

At the moment, the two films are a fantastic double bill of joy and I recommend that you watch for the pleasure of having a good time. So, like the first film, sit back and enjoy the adventure of Bill and Ted as they find themselves fighting to stay alive and keep the band together.

This has an extremely enjoyable soundtrack which, while being a great part of the film, can be enjoyed by itself.


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