Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society (2006) [review]

This is a film which is very much a feature length version of a “Stand Alone Complex”, hinting at events which occurred in the series when it comes to the main characters we already know. This may not be the best story of either the films or TV series, but it is still worth our time in watching.

While we connect with the characters, we find ourselves a little less so when it comes to the story, it does lack something which made the previous instalments more intriguing than this. Although this does keep us looking at certain areas of politics, but saying that, it feels a little less willing to offer us much new.

By no means is this a bad film, it is a case which holds our attention and is interesting to find ourselves considering the possibilities of the meaning and reasoning for the existence of why the criminal is committing such a crime. The members of Section Nine have moved on from the last time we saw them in the “Stand Alone Complex” series. There seems to be a certain uncertainty to the relationships between the team which has lost its way a little, after a certain characters went their own way and left the team and the cases they’re working on.

It is always great to see those involved in making this, were still thinking about social situations. Unfortunately this doesn’t quite live up to previous stories of the “Ghost in the Shell” world. Maybe the length of the film tried to stretch out a story which would have been better in a shorter form of an episode in the TV series.

If you get the chance to check this out, take it… you will enjoy. It was great to see the relationships between the team, how things are not as straightforward as those involved would like them to be, people not knowing if they can trust certain others they thought they knew. Although there are moments when it feels as if it could have been done in ways slightly more interesting.

If you love the world of “Ghost in the Shell” there is something to be enjoyed. The look of this is of the “Stand Alone Complex” which is something I enjoyed, it was not trying to be some over the top glossy film, and for that, it looks good. It is entertaining while making us think.


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