Angel (1999–2004) [review]

Once in a while you find a spin off that is just as good as the original series, this being one of those rare situations. Partly due to the fact that not only do we have one character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996-2003), Angel (David Boreanaz), but we also have a couple of others we already know, Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter) and Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof) along with some newer characters who are just as important to the series.

Buffy was a series for the later teens and early twenties, this is a series for the early to late twenties. Joss Whedon and David Greenwalt creating a series which did not depend on our knowledge of Buffy. We may already know and have feelings for some of the characters we have here. There are a handful of episodes which connect with Buffy episodes… in a storyline which does not affect the main story arc in a major way; therefore characters from that show appear in this, or vice versa. But very rarely does this happen.

There is a darkness to this series and we find ourselves thinking and feeling about what is going on, it has depth which, if you’ve never seen the series you may be surprise to find how layered it is. This is a grand example of a series being more than we assume… there are characters we love, there are characters we hate and then there are situations and moments which range from test every emotion available. We find ourselves wondering where we stand and with who. Not everything is as it seems and not everything is certain.

We get involved with the situation which are not merely there to entertain, but involve our brains, if we’re conscious of what it is we’re thinking about or not. This lasted five seasons and I could have happily seen this run for another two, equalling the original show. This is a series worth your time and there is a high repeat viewing value on this and the original series. I have watched both shows multiple times since their original airing and still find myself wanting to see them again and again.

The story lines are excellent in that they feel they have been thought out and are not some throw away; forgettable idea. Find yourself a copy of this and watch; you will not be disappointed with this fantastic series, which has just as much to say today as the times it was originally shown.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1996–2003) [review]

This is the better version of the Buffy universe, not only is Buffy a more interesting character here, and then there are the multiple characters surrounding her who are just as worthy of our attention… from her friends to her enemies, not only vampires, but demons of so many kinds.

If you have never seen this series, you may assume that a series with such a title may not have much to say for it, but what we have here is something which has a depth which will make you think, feel and pull you in to a point you may not have ever considered possible. Covering many subjects of life, this deals with them in a fun but thoughtful way, in causing us to wonder and think about life.

This Buffy universe we can’t help be delve into the lives of the characters, some we love, some we hate and some we’re never quite sure if we like them or not, they have multiple layers which causes us to care. The villains are not merely there to be fought, they’re there for a reason, and they have a purpose. They may not be people we like, but they have something to say for themselves, they have substance.

This may seem to be aimed at older teens at first, with the characters going through high school and college, but it goes far beyond the lives of the younger characters, the older generation have just as much to offer.

There are moments which will make you laugh, some which will make you cry, some which will make you angry… the range of emotions, thoughts and theories in this show are part of what makes this series worthy of our attention. For me, the series grew and became better with each season, and we end with a fantastic seventh season. There is a darker tone to this series than you may expect from a series with such a title, something which may catch you off guard if you’ve never seen it before.

I could ramble on about this show for a very long time, about how good it is, but instead I will highly recommend that you find yourself watching and enjoying the light and darkness, the depth of the series. Take a chance and you will find yourself pleased you watched.

There is also the spin off series “Angel” (1999-2004) which I will leave for another time.

Masters of Science Fiction (2007)

This is a series which unfortunately only lasted six episodes. But in those six episodes we have different stories which are the good old idea of having something to say when it comes to where we find ourselves. This for me is one of the great elements of good Sci-Fi, one which is unfortunately not always present in the genre.

This is a series which is done with the intention of making us think…  cause you to consider  where we’ve been, but the possibilities of where we’re going, how we interact with one another. So much of what we see here in these stories is as relevant now as when this series was released.

I only wish it had gone on to produce a few more episodes and possibly a series or two; becoming a little more confident in its ability in what it could have been. The talent involved on screen and behind the camera were great and it would have been fantastic to see the stories they could have told in a sci-fi world. But sadly we will never get the chance to see any more.

Maybe that’s what makes this series so enjoyable, that we still want more and we consider what could have been, instead of watching the series go downhill like so many have. I would say it has been too many years since this show was produced for it to come back, but recent years have proven that some shows can return successfully and carry on their brilliance. But I doubt this show will be brought back, which is a shame. Saying that, we do have these six episodes to check out whenever we wish to watch.

All six episode being approximately forty five minutes long which is a welcome length for the stories told, giving you the chance to be able to binge watch these in one viewing if you so wish to. You will enjoy all that this has to offer.

This is a grand way to spend your time if you get the chance to check this series out, something which I have done a few times and never find myself disappointed in what I am watching. The only downfall of this series being, that the makers did not take advantage of using Stephen Hawking more than they did; his talent is wasted on the limited introduction we see at the start of each episode.

“Heathers” the TV series

Sometimes you come a little late to the party, and sometimes you feel relieved by the fact you have, and this is one of those occasions, as the original film is a classic which is perfect as a standalone. Back in 1988 we had the unforgettable film “Heathers”, something which I never thought I’d ever see remade or… as we have now, turned into a TV series.

But saying that, I’m curious to see what they have done with the idea and characters. So, I will be reserving my judgement until I get the chance to see the quality of the program; I hope that it is at least half as good as the film. I do not expect it will on the same level as that we’ve come to know so well over the decades.

I’ve been proven wrong when it comes to certain remakes or bringing something back as a TV series.  So I won’t presume to know what we have here, I’ll cautiously wait and see what Jason A. Micallef has created with this new series, we can at least give Micallef and everybody else involved in the series a chance, maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t.

“Critters” the TV series

The “Critters” films, especially the first two are among my favourite comedy, horror, sci-fi films. There’s something extremely enjoyable about them, the fun and the characters which I like so much,  which has brought me back to watching them so many times over the years.

When I heard there was going to be a TV series based on the films I got a little exited, then worried, then I came to the conclusion that maybe this series could give us something which the last two films didn’t… something we wanted to remember, Three and four were never going to be considered the best in the franchise and hopeful this new TV series will give us something good to enjoy.

At the moment I’m cautiously looking forward to what we may get from this series. With new characters in the series, I’m hoping we will see some old faces along the way. Although my expectations of that happening are low at the moment.

From the little info I’ve come across, the effects will be practicable which is one part of this which sounds good, as it added to the charm of the films.

So far, I’m pleased to see that the idea of remake/reimaging is not in anybody’s plans… and I hope it never will be.

The return of “Millennium”?

With the return of “The X Files” in 2018, some may wonder if it would be possible for another of Chris Carter’s creations to do the same. “Millennium” was a show that could have gone on for a much longer run than its three seasons, it certainly could benefit from a better ending than we received back when it originally aired. Although there was a crossover episode with “The X Files” which only gave us a slight glimpse at Frank Black (Lance Henriksen).

There was something lacking in what could have been a much better conclusion to where the characters found themselves. Maybe if Chris Carter were to spend more time on the show and give it more of what he intended the show to be, therefore giving us fans something worthy of what we loved about those aspects which made the show great.

Maybe I’m just hoping to see something return that I enjoyed so much, so many years ago. Maybe a feature length film to see where the characters ended up and maybe tie up loose ends which left fans wanting to know more.

We shall have to see if this something which could actually happen… but I’ll not hold my breath, as I feel Chris Carter will probably work on “The X Files” for the foreseeable future.

The X-Files new season coming soon

For those who like the series like I do, we now have the eleventh season to look forward to, in that we now know when it will be aired, which is the start of January 2018. By the looks of it, we will be getting a ten episode season, which of course is a longer season than we got with the tenth.

I’m glad to see that we’re getting a new season, I enjoyed more of the previous season than I didn’t enjoy. My only hope is that we don’t end up continuing the series even when it has run out of steam when it comes to good ideas and stories.

For now we can look forward to the possibilities of what could be. Going on what the tenth season, this is one of the better series to be revived and enjoyed by those of us who were there the first time around. But I think we all presumed that with the cliff-hanger of the last season, we would sooner or later find ourselves with an eleventh or at least have an explanation in some form, for the way it ended. At least this will be one reason to look forward to January.