“Critters” the TV series

The “Critters” films, especially the first two are among my favourite comedy, horror, sci-fi films. There’s something extremely enjoyable about them, the fun and the characters which I like so much,  which has brought me back to watching them so many times over the years.

When I heard there was going to be a TV series based on the films I got a little exited, then worried, then I came to the conclusion that maybe this series could give us something which the last two films didn’t… something we wanted to remember, Three and four were never going to be considered the best in the franchise and hopeful this new TV series will give us something good to enjoy.

At the moment I’m cautiously looking forward to what we may get from this series. With new characters in the series, I’m hoping we will see some old faces along the way. Although my expectations of that happening are low at the moment.

From the little info I’ve come across, the effects will be practicable which is one part of this which sounds good, as it added to the charm of the films.

So far, I’m pleased to see that the idea of remake/reimaging is not in anybody’s plans… and I hope it never will be.


The return of “Millennium”?

With the return of “The X Files” in 2018, some may wonder if it would be possible for another of Chris Carter’s creations to do the same. “Millennium” was a show that could have gone on for a much longer run than its three seasons, it certainly could benefit from a better ending than we received back when it originally aired. Although there was a crossover episode with “The X Files” which only gave us a slight glimpse at Frank Black (Lance Henriksen).

There was something lacking in what could have been a much better conclusion to where the characters found themselves. Maybe if Chris Carter were to spend more time on the show and give it more of what he intended the show to be, therefore giving us fans something worthy of what we loved about those aspects which made the show great.

Maybe I’m just hoping to see something return that I enjoyed so much, so many years ago. Maybe a feature length film to see where the characters ended up and maybe tie up loose ends which left fans wanting to know more.

We shall have to see if this something which could actually happen… but I’ll not hold my breath, as I feel Chris Carter will probably work on “The X Files” for the foreseeable future.

The X-Files new season coming soon

For those who like the series like I do, we now have the eleventh season to look forward to, in that we now know when it will be aired, which is the start of January 2018. By the looks of it, we will be getting a ten episode season, which of course is a longer season than we got with the tenth.

I’m glad to see that we’re getting a new season, I enjoyed more of the previous season than I didn’t enjoy. My only hope is that we don’t end up continuing the series even when it has run out of steam when it comes to good ideas and stories.

For now we can look forward to the possibilities of what could be. Going on what the tenth season, this is one of the better series to be revived and enjoyed by those of us who were there the first time around. But I think we all presumed that with the cliff-hanger of the last season, we would sooner or later find ourselves with an eleventh or at least have an explanation in some form, for the way it ended. At least this will be one reason to look forward to January.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002–2005) [review]

This is not the kind of series you simple sit back and watch, the beauty of the animation, the multiple layered look at politics, philosophy, mystery & crime is something to be marvelled at. This does not simply tell you right from wrong, but pushes and pulls you in every direction, makes you consider what is on offer. There are times when you will agree with one character, disagree with them on another matter and then find there are many different people you will agree and disagree with. You do not presume that just because they are reacting a certain way that it is the correct way or their morality is the correct one.

The cases which Section 9 works on are those which you find yourself thinking about, wondering if people involved on either side are morally correct. This series presumes the audience is intelligent and can figure out what is going on, where we stand on situations. In doing so, it allows us to contemplate who we are, why we believe what we do.

The is a series in which the episode are approximately twenty five minutes long and they tell the stories nicely, stand alone stories, while we see story arks which unravel over the course of the series.  Over the two series this seems to gain its confidence the further the series continues, becoming more interesting and maybe even more daring in its questions which are asked of the characters and audience.

The crimes which are committed by certain people are not black and white and it’s not always one size fits all when it comes to their reasons for committing these crimes or those who find themselves dealing these so called criminal and therefore you may find yourself wondering which side you fall.

All the while, the technology is an element which we consider, a matter of how it is used and where it places people in how they interact with it. A.I. being a subject of how life forms are treated in whether or not they are more than their physical parts, these machines are not merely there for the benefit of humans but for their own existence and experiences… we consider what point they become self aware. There are many different subjects which this series, the films and Manga raise that only the viewer can answer for themselves.

This will remind you that there is more to life, things that you may have forgotten, not considered and there is more than one way to look at and live life.


R.I.P John G. Avildsen (1935–2017)

It would be easy to say that John G. Avildsen directed a few classics in his career, including “Rocky” (1976) and “The Karate Kid” (1984) but that would be putting it too simply. He gave us many films which have proved to be among some of the best to have ever come from Hollywood.

In the films he created, not only did he craft films showing moments of brilliance, but what it took between those moments,  a deeper look into the lives of the characters, their ideals, thoughts and feelings. He was a director who knew how to makes films in which we didn’t just care about what was on the surface, the fast paced moments, but also the elements of the moments of lives that we can all relate to.

Taking us on a journey with characters that we could not help but enjoy, like and appreciate, make us want to see them on their journey. Picking scripts that were full of what it takes to give the audience more than maybe they were expecting to. Creating environments which felt worthy of our time and therefore… we, those who like the films which he created, are sorry to see the man no longer with us.

Dark Angel (2000–2002) [review]

It had been a few years since I’d sat down and watched this and I thought that the years between viewing may have tainted this for me. In that what had been something I loved in so many years ago may not be as I remembered that maybe I had grown out of what it once meant to me. But this series is one that very much lived up to what I loved about it when it originally air.

Not only do we get we does it deal with the creation of genetically enhanced human, splicing of one species with another, but it also deals with social issues, from how one class treats another, to race, to gender and more.

Not only does it deal with Max’s (Jessica Alba) problems of having to deal with the predicament of being genetically enhanced and having to hide from Manticore. We’re offered to opportunity to think about how we treat one another and how the world works, which is another reason I enjoyed this series as much as I did.

Another great part of this series is that it has plenty of characters, even if we do focus on Max and Logan (Michael Weatherly) more than the larger group of people who part of Max’s life of friends and colleges… and those of her former life. This is another fine example of James Cameron giving us a strong female lead, something which I have liked about his work.

Due to the short run of this series, we are left with an ending which gives us some kind of tying up loose ends while raising new questions, questions which the makers raised in presuming that their audience was a intelligent one… and could come up with what would happen next, the ramifications of the moment which leaves us to come up with where all the characters would go from the last moment of that episode. This series was not one that ever talked down to the audience, presuming that we could come to our own thought and theories. Also letting us choose which side we fell on any given subject which it dealt with.

The only off-putting part of this series for me; was some of the music which is of the time in which it was made. But, this is a minor dislike of the series.

Sadly we only managed to get two seasons of this show; I would have liked to have seen where it would have gone next. But then again, we may have been lucky enough to not have seen it hang around and witness go downhill like some series which ran for longer than they should. But, as already said, it leaves us to come up with our own ideas where the character would find themselves.