House Party 2 (1991) [review]

As you may expect this does suffer from the usual problem of being a lesser film than its predecessor, although that does not mean it is a bad film, it does have many good points. It’s as entertaining as it continues the lives of those we liked so much from the previous film, while introducing some new faces which are just as important and likeable as those we already know.

This time around the character are at collage and they are adjusting to a more mature way of life, raising new ideas such as the power of knowledge and the life it can create for those with it. Along with the theory that just because something is different, doesn’t mean that it is better. Then we are offered what it is to be an individual, knowing your own mind and standing for what you believe in.

Although this film may be a little more in our face about the themes it offers us than the previous film did with what it had to say, it is great to see that a film such as this does not only want to entertain you, but remind you what it is to exist, while reminding those of us who are the age of the characters that there is more to life than just having fun. As we have to become more responsible for ourselves and those around us, we have deal with more than the good in our lives and work for what we want.

Once again, this may be over thinking it, but this is something I very much like about this film, it is one of the reasons I have come back to watching this and the original. As I’ve become older, the point of view has changed and my appreciation for characters is one of seeing the older generation is coming from.

The music is very much of the time, but still makes me sing along and reminds me of a time which sometimes feels a long time ago. This is the kind of film, like the original, which deserves more credit than I feel it has been given over the years, it is a film which is something that should be checked out and enjoyed for whatever level of you find worthy of your time.

I have enjoyed this more times than I could tell you and I’ll probably enjoy it a few more. For those who have never seen this, check it out… for those of us who watched it when it came out, and remind yourself of how much of a gem this and the original are.


House Party (1990) [review]

This is a film I have returned to many times with much love for the joy it brings. It is certainly a film of the early 1990s, the music is absolutely of the time, something which was great back in the day, and many years later still offers some enjoyment whenever I see the film or listen to the soundtrack.

Reginald Hudlin created a situation so many of us at that age will have known and understood. But not only that, he actually gave it some heart… at least for me. The characters are relatable and we connect with them in ways that we may have done with our own friends, then there are those who the characters must tolerate while they go about their daily lives. In this case, being stuck in a school where not everybody wants to be friends, but must live with these people as they sit in class and walk the hallways.

This nicely covers a day in the life of those involved, from eating lunch to the conclusion of the film at the end of that night. Even though it has been many years since this came out and I first watched it, there is something about it that still connects, maybe reminding me along with other viewers of the film about those days of our lives that were so much simpler. Although the characters do look as though they have lived through most of their school years and are almost ready to enter adulthood.

Watching the film these days, I find that I watch the film from a different angle than back in the day, I see where Pop (Robin Harris) is coming from, having to bring up his son, having to work to pay the bills and wanting his son to have a better life than he had himself. This is not simply a happy go lucky film, it is a film which is fun and entertaining, but there is also statements about colour and how people are treated because of it, along with ideas of which social class the characters find themselves… Maybe this is over thinking it, but not every comedy is one level of meaningless mindlessness.

You can watch this for whatever makes you enjoy this film, the jokes; the music or the moments of thoughtfulness which is never thrown in your face, but nicely done while you find yourself having a good time. So, while you find yourself laughing, singing along to the tunes, don’t ignore the multiple levels of what we have here.

Aaron Sorkin & “Molly’s Game”

Being someone who enjoys Aaron Sorkin’s work, this is the films I’ve been looking forward to checking out since it was announced. With it finally being released, I’m hoping to get the chance of watching it, as the premise for the film sounds interesting.

Aaron Sorkin’s writing has always been something I have liked and I’m curious to see how he is as a director. The man has been writing scripts for over two decades and has finally decided to director for the first time, and looking at the trailers, the film does look like he has done a great job. So, I assuming that his directing skills are as excellent as the scripts he has produced over the years.

This film has a grand cast which includes Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Kevin Costner & Graham Greene.

Of course this is not the first film which Aaron Sorkin has based upon actual events, a couple of the others being “The Social Network” (2010) and “Moneyball” (2011). This looks to be one of the great films of this January and of 2018.

The People Under the Stairs (1991) [review]

One of the great things I like about this film is that it’s a horror films which actually comments on society… commenting on those with money and how greed and power can drive them to become greedier and in this case crazy… although crazy can also be credited to a few other elements of the lifestyle when it comes to the richer family of this film. While the poorer people of the film find themselves on the verge of losing their home, therefore having to take a chance on making some money in ways which some have to be talked into.

Not only does this film create a great creepy horror feel, there is a perfect blend of humour to that which we have here, causing us to smile, chuckle and laugh out loud. The audience is certainly on the side of those in need of the money, and we gladly will them to succeed in defeating their enemy, while not only trying to save themselves, but those who have come to find themselves victims of the villain.

This is one of those films which does so much while manly set in one place, a place which seemingly has many places to be and hide while the craziness become crazier. This is a great way to spend just over an hour and a half, while the situation become bigger and you find yourself fond of the good guys.

This is certain one of Wes Cravens best films with his ability to create characters, situations and moods which pull you into enjoying the idea of what is going on, while being thoughtful… which may sound an odd thing to say about a horror film, but it works well. While it is not a films that needs to rely on the core to horrify the audience, it is playful with what we see, more inventive than wanting to disgust you. Although there are a couple of moments which may seem disgusting, they’re there to show how far the rich characters will go to get what they want and keep what they’ve already got.

We find ourselves wondering and considering what it is we haven’t seen from couple and how they’ve became as they are, which we come to understand as the story moves along and see how long they have been doing such things as we see here.

This is a pleasure to watch, which seems to have all the right ingredients and does not disappoint.

The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988) [review]

This is a great film, one which was inspired by a book written by Wade Davis. While Wes Craven put his mark on it, in that there are moments which may seem anything but real, almost dreamlike at moments, moments which nobody could explain without seeming detached from reality. But, looking at the subject of what we have here; it is something which can be described as the character’s mind playing trick on itself.

This has the feeling of Wes Craven going in a different direction than his previous films as a director, there is a feeling that he was trying to create something less in the style of a fantasy and therefore grippes the audience in a different way than something you may expect from his other films.

Maybe due to the fact that Wes Craven did not write this and therefore he himself did not feel for the characters or situation offers another feeling to the film. While it entertains we wonder about the story and the evens of the book which it was based. There are moments which you really do care for the characters and dislike others, then there are those you are not sure about as they’re neither fit into the categories of good or bad.

Bill Pullman… although a great actor, does seem a little out of place with his character, it does feel like the part has been miscast.

This is not some story of a scary disfigured character or a family gone crazy out in the middle of nowhere, but of a man trying to figure out how such a situation of possible zombie type symptoms could possible exist; how those involved are benefitting from the beliefs of the locals. There is also the politics of the local area, which only adds to the tension of the situation, with a man out of his own country and having to deal with the laws of another. There is a depth to this that adds to the pleasure and unease of that, which the characters and the audience go through,

This may not be the kind of film you would expect if you’re looking for a Wes Craven film to check out and I think that is a great aspect of the film, that no filmmaker should limit himself to one type of film genre.

The music by Brad Fiedel is another great of this film which gives another great level of feelings.

“Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell” coming soon

One of the many films to be released this year may be a surprise to some; after all, the original film came out so many years ago, although it was followed by a handful of sequels. A “Tremor 6″ was a surprise for me to see would be coming out in 2018.

The first film in the series being one of those which I very much enjoyed the first time I saw it and I have re-watched many times over the years. The sequels less so and I wondered how much interest people have in the series. Then again, it does seem to be where we are at the moment, to either remake a film or TV series or reviving it with one more film or season.

I will be interested to see how this one compares to the previous films in the series. Most of the sequels being straight to DVD/Blu-Ray/streaming rather than being realised in cinemas… I’m not sure if that means what it once did… for those who like the series will not care if it is a cinema release or some other form of being seen, as long as it can be watched.

For me, it may be the time to re-watch the previous films again and see if they are as I remember. We shall have to wait and see if the wait was worth this film being made.

The return of “Millennium”?

With the return of “The X Files” in 2018, some may wonder if it would be possible for another of Chris Carter’s creations to do the same. “Millennium” was a show that could have gone on for a much longer run than its three seasons, it certainly could benefit from a better ending than we received back when it originally aired. Although there was a crossover episode with “The X Files” which only gave us a slight glimpse at Frank Black (Lance Henriksen).

There was something lacking in what could have been a much better conclusion to where the characters found themselves. Maybe if Chris Carter were to spend more time on the show and give it more of what he intended the show to be, therefore giving us fans something worthy of what we loved about those aspects which made the show great.

Maybe I’m just hoping to see something return that I enjoyed so much, so many years ago. Maybe a feature length film to see where the characters ended up and maybe tie up loose ends which left fans wanting to know more.

We shall have to see if this something which could actually happen… but I’ll not hold my breath, as I feel Chris Carter will probably work on “The X Files” for the foreseeable future.