Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society (2006) [review]

This is a film which is very much a feature length version of a “Stand Alone Complex”, hinting at events which occurred in the series when it comes to the main characters we already know. This may not be the best story of either the films or TV series, but it is still worth our time in watching.

While we connect with the characters, we find ourselves a little less so when it comes to the story, it does lack something which made the previous instalments more intriguing than this. Although this does keep us looking at certain areas of politics, but saying that, it feels a little less willing to offer us much new.

By no means is this a bad film, it is a case which holds our attention and is interesting to find ourselves considering the possibilities of the meaning and reasoning for the existence of why the criminal is committing such a crime. The members of Section Nine have moved on from the last time we saw them in the “Stand Alone Complex” series. There seems to be a certain uncertainty to the relationships between the team which has lost its way a little, after a certain characters went their own way and left the team and the cases they’re working on.

It is always great to see those involved in making this, were still thinking about social situations. Unfortunately this doesn’t quite live up to previous stories of the “Ghost in the Shell” world. Maybe the length of the film tried to stretch out a story which would have been better in a shorter form of an episode in the TV series.

If you get the chance to check this out, take it… you will enjoy. It was great to see the relationships between the team, how things are not as straightforward as those involved would like them to be, people not knowing if they can trust certain others they thought they knew. Although there are moments when it feels as if it could have been done in ways slightly more interesting.

If you love the world of “Ghost in the Shell” there is something to be enjoyed. The look of this is of the “Stand Alone Complex” which is something I enjoyed, it was not trying to be some over the top glossy film, and for that, it looks good. It is entertaining while making us think.


Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004) [review]

This may fall into the category of a sequel which is a lesser film than the original, but with that said; this is more than worthy of your time. The beauty of this film is something which is to be marvelled.

This may be a simpler philosophy than the first film, but it still has plenty to say for itself. With another case to be solved, we find reasons and theories for what is, why life is as it is. Visually, this is a film which looks gorgeous and we find many a reason to look at all that is on screen. Although this does seem to have a different look, in that this appears to have been done with an upgrade in technology, in a way, a little glossier than the original film… I do not know which I prefer, as both films are perfectly done when it comes to the animation.

I very much liked that this film does not depend on a certain character form the first film needing to be on screen as much as they were in the original… they are in the back of our minds as the story plays, but it is done in such a way that we appreciate those characters we do see, and we find ourselves seeing why they are just as important when it comes to being part of the team which is so much of this and the previous film.

This is a longer film than the original, only by about 15 minutes, but it is justifiably worth the running time. We find ourselves enjoying so much of what we have here, we do not find any scenes unnecessary or over long. Perhaps due to the fact that this is an animation film, it has been thought out to the point where only the necessary is in on screen.

Once again, this film, like the original presumes the audience is smart and can figure out what is happening, therefore does not feel the need to simplify what is happening, along with letting us come to our own thought, theories and morals of where we stand. This is certainly a worthy follow up, one which we find ourselves enjoyable. This is as excellent now as the day it was released. I recommend that if you get the chance to watch this, take it and you will appreciate what is on offer here.

Ghost in the Shell (1995) [review]

The beauty of this is not simply the look of the film, but the philosophy and its comments on the state of who we are as humans, especially when we are not only surrounded by technology, but also in the human body. This is not just a team of experts working on a case, this takes a look at why and who would commits what looks to be a crime.

There is a blurred line in which we can see why somebody would commit a crime such as this, in that we understand the reasons for the actions of the criminal; they are not mindless or self-centred in their actions.  This also looks at those in power; how they deal with the position in government, seeing how far they can push the boundaries of what they have.

The animation of what we have here looks good and there were moments which I almost forgot that this was a animation film… partly due to the fact that the elements of story and philosophy pulled me into thinking about what it is to be; life is not simply what we see on the surface, but many complicated pieces which make up what we see around us and creates who and what we are.

This is a perfect example of a film which entertains while making us think about the value of what is, we’re pulled in to thinking; to a point which we may not be aware of. You will take away so much from watching this, and you can and will find yourself watching it again and again and reminding yourself of not only how excellent this film is, but what it comment on, what we may have forgotten in our day to day lives.

This is one of the greatest films to have been produced in the 1990s, one which still looks and feels and talks to us today… Something which feels like it should be said now more than ever, if you get the chance to watch this, I strongly sagest that you take it and appreciate this classic. The pacing of this is perfect; it does not work in some fast pace of wanting or needing to move onto the next scene, it assumes the viewer has attention span of thoughtfulness rather than needing to be moving onto the next scene as quickly as possible. The filmmakers presumed that the audience is smart and can figure out what is happening and we can see what is being said, therefore lets us to come to our own conclusion and theories of what is.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (2002–2005) [review]

This is not the kind of series you simple sit back and watch, the beauty of the animation, the multiple layered look at politics, philosophy, mystery & crime is something to be marvelled at. This does not simply tell you right from wrong, but pushes and pulls you in every direction, makes you consider what is on offer. There are times when you will agree with one character, disagree with them on another matter and then find there are many different people you will agree and disagree with. You do not presume that just because they are reacting a certain way that it is the correct way or their morality is the correct one.

The cases which Section 9 works on are those which you find yourself thinking about, wondering if people involved on either side are morally correct. This series presumes the audience is intelligent and can figure out what is going on, where we stand on situations. In doing so, it allows us to contemplate who we are, why we believe what we do.

The is a series in which the episode are approximately twenty five minutes long and they tell the stories nicely, stand alone stories, while we see story arks which unravel over the course of the series.  Over the two series this seems to gain its confidence the further the series continues, becoming more interesting and maybe even more daring in its questions which are asked of the characters and audience.

The crimes which are committed by certain people are not black and white and it’s not always one size fits all when it comes to their reasons for committing these crimes or those who find themselves dealing these so called criminal and therefore you may find yourself wondering which side you fall.

All the while, the technology is an element which we consider, a matter of how it is used and where it places people in how they interact with it. A.I. being a subject of how life forms are treated in whether or not they are more than their physical parts, these machines are not merely there for the benefit of humans but for their own existence and experiences… we consider what point they become self aware. There are many different subjects which this series, the films and Manga raise that only the viewer can answer for themselves.

This will remind you that there is more to life, things that you may have forgotten, not considered and there is more than one way to look at and live life.